Bone carver

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In ancient times bones were worked on to produce weapons for hunting.

Skulls were used for death cults or in sacrifices and ceremonies to honour the deities of nature.

Today, these rites have been pushed into the background or don‘t exist any more at all.

I see the carving of animal skulls, horns or antlers as a spark from times gone by,

which can express itself in a demanding way through various ideas.

The handling knows almost no limits, and I am able to design every skull individually and meet specific wishes.

Ideally the skull should be cleaned and bleached by a taxidermist, so that hygienic and veterinary requirements are met.

It depends on the skull‘s thickness how vividly the images can be elaborated.

I draw and carve the motifs free-hand – this is very challenging and complex work that may take some time.

Unique items are created.

They can be placed in the most diverse locations, combined with wood or lighting.

When fixing them to a wall it should always be taken into account in which height,

since the forehead (frontal bone) would face the ceiling in a normal position. It can be arranged to alter this.

Individual suggestions can be realised specifically.

Create a memento of a faithful companion (dog, horse…),

a hunting trophy or an extravagant enrichment for your home, tattoo studio, pub, club house…

I offer this exceptional solution!

Esthetic shapes in an organic guise, with respect for the animal and nature!